Friday, June 27, 2008

AICN Report From Star Trek Editing Room

Harry of AICN has posted up a pretty long story about his visit to the Star Trek editing room with Abrams. The report is very optimistic and excited. The full article here but here are the highlights.

- Harry thought that Abrams was annoyed at the decision to move Star Trek from Christmas (where probably would have ruled the box office with little competition) to summer of 2009.
- Abrams editing style is to assemble sequences out of order getting the pieces finished then putting the entire "puzzle" together.
- Harry was shown about 7 minutes of snippets hear and there but nothing to paint a full picture of events in the movie.
- One scene was Ben Cross (Sarek) and Winona Ryder (Amanda Grayson) holding baby Spock (complete with ears) on Vulcan.
- Another showed a 25 year old pre-Enterprise Federation ship (probably George Kirk's ship, the USS Kelvin) as it orbits "a really angry sun." The interior shot seems very "old diesel submarine" in the lightning and design (shades of Star Trek II), done according to Abrams so to give a sense of the changing design of Starfleet ships over time.
- Another snippet was a scene showing hundreds of Starfleet Academy cadets (or graduates) as they board old style shuttles for their starship assigned including McCoy (Karl Urban) being assigned to the Enterprise, Uhura (Zoe Saldana) to another ship...and Kirk not getting an assignment (probably due to his "cheating" the Kobayashi Maru, again ST II).
- Harry described the scene has grand and Chris Pine performance is a good "proto-Kirk scene."
- Karl Urban as McCoy was "metaphysically perfect" as he has "got that right cantankerous, best buddy, ethical, but anything for his friend type of doc attitude – and he has it down pat" in a scene where he is helping Kirk get on a ship.
- He also says Zoe as Uhura "young and hungry, confident and determined."
- Zachary Quinto as Spock, "perfect".
- The final scene he saw as the character arriving on the Enterprise bridge under the command of Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood). The uniforms are described as classic trek but polished so it looks "amazingly functional."

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  1. I wonder if the footage that Abrams chose to show is intended to be part of the first trailer.

    It seems to me that Harry at AICN saw the footage a while ago, and just now got permission from Abrams to write his report on it. If so - Does this mean that something may be coming soon. Maybe a surprise at ComicCon?