Thursday, November 20, 2008

AICN Comments on Star Trek Footage

Harry Knowles, head poobah at AICN, has posted a review on the 20 minutes of Star Trek footage that JJ Abrams presented in New York. The New York footage is identical to the four scenes shown in London a week earlier.

Personally the footage has demonstrated to me that Star Trek canon is being tossed and that the filmmakers familiarity with Star Trek is limited only to what has permeated pop culture or summarized in an occasional hour slip show special. This isn't a blast against the movie, just a warning that this is truly an attempt to reboot the Trek universe. To call this movie Star Trek 2.0 is probably not far off the mark.

Knowles article essentially supports this notion. Where I have reservations, he is very pleased and enthusiastic about changes coming to the Trek universe and embraces the movie fully. His review of those scenes is a good read if only to get a different perspective from a casual fan of the universe. The full article is here.

Update: If your interested in AICN's Moriarty then click here. He too is not a Trekker and he loves the footage he saw.

If your wondering, why is he posting this?, the reasons are a) lack of anything else to post about and b) its good to get a non trekkie view on this film. Realistically, any future the franchise has is completly in getting the non-Trekkies to want to see the film and based on the above it seems Abrams is on the right track.

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