Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Star Trek Trailer Breakdown

The folks over at IO9.com have provided a very detailed breakdown with images of the recent Star Trek trailer that came out with Quantum of Solace. The trailer itself is comprised of a large number of 1 or two second images so their breakdown is useful in trying to figure out what is going on. Below are a few highlights but click here for the details.

- Corvette license plate is for Iowa (place Kirk was born, lived in ST canon).
- Cop's number is 924 which is also the model number for Robocop.
- Oddly the Enterprise is built on a ground based shipyard (not true in canon, also logistically stupid as a ship that size and shape would have a difficult time leaving the atmosphere intact).
- There is a brief bit showing Vulcan and Amanda and Sarek with their infant Spock.
- The planet under attack (during Spock's teleport, with the skydive, etc) is Vulcan.
- Most of the space battle fights in the trailer actually involve the USS Kelvin, not the Enterprise.
- It appears the USS Kelvin meets its death twice - one time crashing into another ship and second time being overwhelmed by torpedo fire suggesting a time travel factor. (Or fans could just be reading too much into it).
- The woman Spock is escorting while a planet surface shakes is his mother.
- The Romulan with the Australian accent and spiked weapon is Nero.
- A moment that shows yellow (Kirk), blue (Sulu) and red (think "redshirt") parachutes deploying on a drill that is attacking Vulcan.
- There is a shot towards the end of a mystery ship that is suggested to be older Spock's time ship.
- Scotty's "It's exciting" statement seems to come after a return from an ice planet the crew visits.
- There is a brief moment where Nero is shown trying to escape from guards wearing Klingon ridged masks.
- The trailer also features a brief shot of a tentacle ship leaving warp.
- Yep the woman in bed with Kirk is an Orion slave girl.


  1. The chick with Kirk (Orion sex slave) could it be: http://startrek11.blogspot.com/2008/09/diora-baird-confirms-star-trek-role.html

  2. The Ship being built on Earth doesn't necessarily contradict established canon. Everyone does know that the Enterprise was constructed at the San Fransisco Fleet Yards, but they never say if it was built in Orbit or on the Surface. Not only this, but there is a photo of a Galaxy Class Starship being constructed on the surface of Mars which suggests that Starship construction of the surface of the planet is indeed a real method.

  3. Galaxy-class starships were built 100 years after Kirk's time hence Enterprise-D being the flagship of Starfleet. It's maiden voyage was to Farpoint Station. Not sure which photo you're talking about?