Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Empire Magazine Star Trek Article Quotes

Last week Empire Magazine published an interview with images regarding Star Trek. Via Trekmovie.com, below are some of the highlights from the article on newsstands now.
- JJ Abrams: "When you say ‘Star Trek’, to some people it means Deep Space Nine, to others it’s Next Generation or Enterprise, or The Original Series, or the films. It’s become this kind of diffused, slightly confused title, and I don’t think people really know what Star Trek is anymore. What this movie is doing, I hope, is focusing the concept, not rethinking it. At the same time, though, anyone who thinks they have seen it all before, who thinks they know what Trek is, they’re in for a surprise when thy see this movie."
- Abrams: "What this movie is doing is embracing that optimism; it’s focusing on the core characters — most notably Kirk and Spock — and is telling a story of how this group, this family, comes together. We’re not simply showing the scenes that took place before the series began, though. It’s much more in-depth than that."
- Abrams: "Star Wars was always full of action. If I had one criticism of the original Star Trek, it’s that the show was often a lot of discussion about things that were happening and not a lot of action depicting it. That needed to change. So we looked at the ships, the feeling of battle and action and fights and all the stuff that makes a movie like this so exciting. It all needed to be done in a way that people had never seen before, and certainly never in a Star Trek movie."
- Zachary Quinto on Spock: "I really relate to the duality of his perspective. I think all the things that Spock is known for — the logic versus the emotion, the human versus the alien — are at the core of his journey in this film. I think he’s less refined in his capacity to deal with them."
- Chris Pine on Kirk: "Kirk is the bombastic, emotional, charged, angry, vulnerable guy — he gets to show all sides at 100 per cent full throttle. He’s all over the place. To steal a line from this election, he’s a maverick."

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