Sunday, November 30, 2008

USS Kelvin 3D View

Intel's Starfleet Shipyards has updated with information on the USS Kelvin. The Kelvin is the ship seen under attack and getting ripped up in the trailers by Nero. The main significance is the ship's destruction ripped away the parents of James T Kirk and starts him down the road of risk taking immaturity that is part of the character arc for the movie.

The site has a 3D model of the ship that allows you to move around it and click on portions of the ship to get more information about the technology and command staff. The front view provides clicks on the deflector shield and bridge. Move to the back and can click for the Hangar, Impulse Engine and bottom nacelle. The top down view is clicks on the phasers and bridge again and no clicks for the bottom view.

Overall the Shipyards site isn't a half bad website that while it exists to promote Intel products, that promotional attempt is non interfering and can almost entirely be avoided if you choose to while reading up on some of the basics of the next Star Trek movie.

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