Monday, December 1, 2008

Abrams Talks Trek With Sky Movies Channel

The United Kingdom's Sky Movies Channel recently aired an interview with Star Trek Director J Abrams. In the interview he discusses the cast, characters, and themes of the franchise. The information is essentially the same thing as what was in the Empire article from a couple weeks ago. The website also has a bunch of still from the trailer here for those interested.


  1. This is the interview of J. J. Abrams that I've been waiting to see--one in which we can hear what his perception of what Star Trek is and really relate it to what Gene Roddenberry's vision was. It is remarkably similar. The other interview posted some time ago wasn't really serious so we didn't get to hear the passion Abrams had for making this movie. The interviewer got silly and the whole thing turned into a gag reel. Although I like the idea of focusing on Kirk and Spock and their friendship, my one question that still has not been answered or at least has not had insight brought is how Bones fits into this relationship. The original series and the features were about the big three (Kirk, Spock, and Bones) than just the "main" two. Bones was the glue between Kirk and Spock. With Kirk's extreme spontaneity and Spock's dulling logistics, Bones was the balance helping each realize the need for both aspects of the other.