Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GDC 09: Star Trek D.A.C.

The Game Developer's Conference is currently being held in San Francisco were gaming companies previewing their plans for the upcoming year. As part of that Paramount Digital Entertainment was on hand to provide a few details on the tie-in game to the Star Trek movie. Sadly part of the information did not include what D.A.C. stands for.

From Joystiq, here are the main new pieces of information:
- Has multiplayer mode of up to 12 players in two teams of six.
- It is Federation versus the Romulans.
- Single player and co-op mode is you versus AI bots in battle.
- It is a top down 3D space Arcade style shooter with a "large amount of strategic gameplay" that doesn't require a hardcore gamer to master.
- The new USS Enterprise from the movie is part of the game but there are other models and weapons as well.
- Sounds, probably modified, from the original series are part of the game.
- There are levels, about 10 minutes each, with one of three types of objectives for each level.
- There are methods to upgrade ships and weapons via resource gathering.
- JJ Abrams did provide input on the game including using more effects from the movie.
- There are no voices from the movie in the game and no attempt at a narrative style that follows the plot of the movie.
- The game will have ability to be upgraded later with new ships, levels, and so forth (probably for a small fee).
- The expectation is to release the game around May 8th for XBox Live and Playstation Network shortly after. No information on pricing (but I wager in the $10 range).

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