Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fan Q&A At Sydney Premiere

Star Trek made its official debut at the Sydney Opera House in Australia yesterday. As part of that TrekMovie was able to get fan questions answered by JJ Abrams and the actors that attended the event. The Q&A videos and red carpet slide-show can be found here.

- Abrams: First time Nimoy appears in the movie is the "tingle moment".
- Abrams: The score written for the movie holds its own with the other "iconic scores"
- Abrams: The movie could spin-off into a TV series but "the challenge is to do this on a scale" that we have not already seen. Do not want to "redo what’s been done before."
- Bana: If could have done another role wouldn't have mind doing Kirk. Thought all the characters were well written.
- Quinto: Duality between heart and mind (logic) is a trait he shares in common with Spock, "and my eyebrows are a huge part of my life."
- Pine: "I appreciate Kirk's decisiveness"

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