Friday, April 24, 2009

More Reviews, Icons and Stills has posted a new gallery of movie stills that mostly highlights the handsome (or pretty) faces of the Star Trek cast. The full gallery can be found here.

IconFactory has created bunch of new icons for the MAC and PC that are free to download. The image to the top left is what they look like. Makes for a nice change of pace from the normal folder icons at least. Click here to download.

More reviews, pretty much glowing (almost literally as lens flares was a common note), continue to pop up on various websites. Here are three more for your enjoyment.

SyFy Australia
Trek is a big-screen adventure that will thrill and delight old and new fans alike. To be fair to all the previous Trek movies, its budget far outstrips its predecessors, so the special effects, and in particular, sound effects are a class apart (Oscar-winning class). Seeing the film in a brand new digital projection theatre with a decent sound system makes this a truly immersive experience. The dialogue doesn't allow too much subtext - it would be hard to underneath all that action, but it is the absence of the non-verbal complexity that robs this film of a glowing spine to cling to for fans looking for more than just action and adventure. That said, the action and adventure is undeniably top shelf, be it for Trek fans or any other kind of fans. The tone of the film is consistent, if somewhat larger than life. The theme music, which seems to be neither here nor there, is stuck between a martial theme and the original Star Trek theme, and without enough of a singular phrase to create an iconic theme to match the epic pop culture status of the film.
CNet "Star Trek Virgin" Review
The new "Star Trek" film is less an homage to a legendary science fiction franchise than to storytelling in general, back through decades of cinema and television and beyond. "Star Trek" is just plain fun. And I came to appreciate the fact that I was sitting in that theater without prejudice. I was concerned less about whether the cast would live up to the actors who originated their roles, and more about holy whoa, that spaceship just blew up!. There is, however, a flip side to the universality of the new "Star Trek" that Paramount might not love: The fact that it stands so well on its own might mean that it doesn't mint a new generation of Trekkies. Like me, for one. As much as I enjoyed the prequel, I can't see myself Netflixing all the DVDs of the past "Star Trek" TV series and movies.
Star Trek will disappoint no one. Think of it like Casino Royale was to the James Bond franchise: fewer gadgets, more action and an incredibly pugilistic lead. And lens flares. Lots, and lots, and lots of lens flares. These guys took the original ship, combined it with some designs of the Enterprise-B, then mashed it up with Picard's Enterprise-E and then added a dash of '60s non-Trek Sci Fi. The set design, however, is almost all touchscreen (like TNG), but with a tremendously updated UI. Star Trek is now gritty—it's just more...modern. And more sexy. With this film as the base, I cannot wait to see where the franchise goes from here.

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