Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Star Trek Premiere Info and Reviews

Yesterday Star Trek premiered at the Sydney Opera House and Austin, TX. Since then the reviews have been popping up all over the web, most overwhelmingly positive. Below are a series of links with choice quotes of their reviews.

Dark Horizons - Brief report, with pictures of the Opera House premiere.

Twitch Film - Abrams’ film is a very entertaining and reverential take on the Star Trek mythos. The acting and casting are spot on. The story mixes old and new elements of the Star Trek universe. The effects are breathtaking. Some people will inevitably nitpick this film but J.J. Abrams’ new work is as good as (and arguably better than) most of the Star Trek movies that preceded it.

Cinema Blend - I can be skeptical no more, though. This is a fantastic movie its own right, one I would definitely recommend to Trekkie and new fan alike.

Empire - Odd-number curse be gone. The most exhilarating Trek to date marks a new future for Kirk and co. If this can boldly go on to seek out ideas to match its speed and style, a franchise is reborn.

AICN's Massawyrm - It is certainly better than any other TREK movie to date that doesn’t have the word WRATH in the title. Solid, fun and a pure joy to watch, this is the summer blockbuster to beat.

Twitter Comments - Click the link from people that tweeted about the premiere.

Honestly I have yet to find a bad review. I would post them if only to provide a balance and wider perspective. I am sure there will be some but I am surprised at the universal excitement getting from those that saw the premieres.

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