Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zoe Saldana Talk Uhura

Zoe Saldana, Uhura 2.0, talks about her role in Star Trek with Esquire as part of their "A Woman We Love" feature which includes a few pictures that shows off her sexy side. Below are the Star Trek related portions but the full article and pictures is here.

ESQ: That's in the official Star Trek PR handbook.
ZS: I've developed a real respect for Trekkies.

ESQ: Talk to me after your first Comic-Con.
ZS: I've already had a [fan] come up to the door of my house. And I had a driver for another movie who brought all of his Star Trek memorabilia with him. He opened the trunk and there was this shrine. He had stacks of pictures he wanted me to sign. He ended up being the nicest guy, but it definitely freaked me out at first.

ESQ: That miniskirted uniform has a weird effect on men.
ZS: During the shoot it kept getting shorter and shorter.

ESQ: I'm sure that wasn't intentional.
ZS: Right. For some reason I always end up in casts that are me and a bunch of dudes. But I love it.
In addition, UK magazine SFX, out in newsstands, sadly follows the old business model of driving readers to their paper copy rather than using the paper copy to drive readers to their website. As a result their extensive coverage and interviews with the cast of Star Trek is unavailable for most people in the world. At least posted a few highlights and from those I assume the rest is the usual Q&A answers that we have been seeing prop up over and over (what’s it like to play X, what’s it like to direct, work with X, meet with Y and so forth). Click here to view the summary.

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