Thursday, May 14, 2009

Join Starfleet Academy, Death Star vs Enterprise and Ship Comparisons

On the movie front the movie continues to do well at the box office as it will probably cross the domestic $100 threshold by Friday night. In the meantime a few links for your pleasure.

First up is Join Starfleet Academy, a joint venture between Nokia, Verizon and Paramount that has a lot of Star Trek centric features. The site has videos, interviews, wallpaper, games and other features to have some fun with. In addition they have added an interesting feature called "Augmented Reality" that uses a webcam to detect the picture you’re holding up and display a 3D image with details (video example below).

Verizon Wireless Star Trek Augmented Reality - Click here for more blooper videos

Next is a pretty darn good video the Enterprise vs. the Death Star. It’s short and if you’re not looking you will miss it (look behind the Stormtroopers).

Last is an interesting comparison the Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica and other ships both new and old. The Original Series ship was 288 meters long, the new one is 725.35 meters, nearly 3x the size (which I think puts it at Enterprise-E dimensions). Click here for a few more details.


  1. the new Enterprise is around the same size as the old one. this site explains it very well.

  2. what if the destruction of the USS Kelvin in the alternate universe (new Star Trek) prompted star fleet to put much more money in the construction of the new enterprise, with a much larger design...