Sunday, May 3, 2009

Official Star Trek Movie Credits Tidbits received the complete credits list from Paramount that provides some minor spoilers with previous Trek alumni in the film, cast and crew family, homage and other trivia. Below is some of the stuff I found interesting but TrekMovie's more detailed take can be found here.
- Majel Barrett Roddenberry receives her final screen credit as the Starfleet Computer. Her name is separated from the rest of the cast list.
- not listed is Chris Doohan (son of James who appeared as background in Star Trek TMP). Although he has no lines, he appears a few times in the transporter room.
- There are two ‘barflies’ credited: one is J.J. Abrams’ father, Gerald W. Abrams and the other is James McGrath, Jr., JJ’s father-in-law.
- J.J. Abrams’ “good luck charm” and best friend Greg Grunberg revealed he was able to work himself into the movie, and we now know the role he played: that of Jim Kirk’s stepdad (voice only).
- Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch, who died of cancer last summer, appears in the movie as a Starfleet officer on a bridge. The credits reveal that Pausch specifically played a crew member aboard the USS Kelvin.
- ‘Madea’ writer/producer/director/actor Tyler Perry plays Starfleet Academy president Admiral Richard Barnett, his first acting role in a film he didn’t direct
- Stargate Atlantis’ Paul McGillion is credited as Barracks Leader
- Diora Baird (on Maxim’s Top 100 Hottest List) has touted her role as an Orion in the film, but she does not appear in the credits. [Funny that, a D-lister trying to ride on unearned coattails.]
- Rachel Nichols‘ Orion has a name: it’s Gaila. Interestingly, that was also the name of the Ferengi arms dealer played by Josh Pais in the DS9 episodes “Business as Usual” and “The Magnificent Ferengi.”
- Trek language creator Marc Okrand was a Romulan and Vulcan consultant on the film.
- The main titles were designed by Andrew Kramer. He also designed the main titles for FOX’s Fringe. [Working with Abrams means working with Abrams in the future for both cast and crew.]
- Two songs heard in the movie (”Josh Greenstein” and “Awasoruk Jam”) are listed in the as being “Written & Performed by Cyrano Jones.” As every Trek fan knows, Cyrano Jones is the name of the intergalactic trader responsible for introducing tribbles to the crew of the Enterprise in “The Trouble with Tribbles.”
- Lastly, the film is dedicated to the memory of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, who died in 1991, and his wife, Lastly, the film is dedicated to the memory of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, who died in 1991, and his wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who died in December., who died in December.

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