Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orci: Sequel Not Follow TF2 Formula, Linking a Maybe

The San Diego Comic Con recently ended and Roberto Orci was there as part of the Fringe Panel. He at one point hinted that Star Trek may follow the model of "linking" one movie to the next creating a sort of trilogy set up that can be seen as one continuous story or three separate stories. He elaborated a touch on that idea, essentially pointing out that it’s just part of a normal brain storming session with other Star Trek producers.
We had one meeting on [Star Trek], that’s me, JJ [Abrams], Damon [Lindelof], Bryan Burk and Alex Kurtzman. And in that one fifteen minute meeting we were talking sooo generally and it somehow the idea maybe came up that that maybe, just for a second, we were thinking maybe of the two movies in tranches. Nothing is set in stone, there is no story there really. We are just starting that crazy process of throwing every idea against the wall and see what happens. So there is nothing to report there really.
In addition, the question came up on what the theme of the sequel may be and would it be similar to Transformers 2 where the hero (Sam) tried to give up his role of hero but forced to fulfill his destiny.

No…Star Trek is different in that you have a crew that is committed to what they are doing. So that is going to lead you to different storytelling. These people are not reluctant heroes, they are hoping to get out there and do what is right.
Click here for a video where Orci answers those questions and talks about Fringe.

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