Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Abrams Talks Sequel, Spock and More

TrekMovie.com has a two part interview with Star Trek director JJ Abrams as part of the home video release of the movie today. In the interview he discusses working on the film, design, possible sequel release date, and more.

Part One | Part Two

- "The Gag Reel really made me laugh. The whole process of Casting and finding the people and see the audition sections is fun. The design of a movie like this, it is easy to take it for granted, because there is so much in it, but when you get to sort of break down the sort of work that people like [Creature Designer] Neville Page did and [Concept Illustrator] James Clyne did, under the supervision of [Production Designer] Scott Chambliss, it is a terrific thing to see. You get a sense of how much work went into it, not just the construction and execution, but the
conception and design of it. There were thousands of hours that went into it, that if the job is done well, is invisible."
- On why Nimoy did the "Space, the final frontier": "To me what it was, honestly, was when you heard it was more a send-off, than it was Kirk’s moment. I understand that, and I think either would have worked, but there is something, especially given the legacy of Nimoy and his involvement in this, it somehow felt right."
- "I have never been moved yet to put together a version that was an extended or Director’s cut of something. Whenever I have worked on something that has been transferred to DVD, I sort of felt like ‘The movie was the movie’ and it should be left as is."
- "I think the key to Star Trek moving forward is that it retain the sense of adventure and fun and excitement, and at the same time, go a little bit deeper. ...No one wants a movie that feels like it is moralizing and some manifesto, but I feel like it has to go a little deeper. ...We are just trying to offer the story that is as rich as possible and fun as possible, but we are not looking to get on the soap box."
- "I believe the next Star Trek film will be in 2012."

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