Monday, November 30, 2009

More Star Trek Online Details has provided an excellent summary of information provided via various interviews that have been published with staff members working on Star Trek Online. Details include story arcs, balancing issues, game play and more.

The full article is here, below are a few highlights that grabbed my interest.

- Story progresses through 4 "seasons" starting with Federation or Klingons, then Romulan, Cardassian and the Borg. These will be further subdivided with one-off "episodes" of various lengths (that I assume also overlap).
- Klingon game play is more player versus player with fighting for planets along the Neutral Zone but at launch the content will be social based rather than story (with more story added later I assume).
- Economy based on resource gathering, technology and trading that.
- Cryptic plans on home console release (by this PS3 and 360) but no specifics on when.
- Death (ship goes boom) results in respawn at beginning of the map.
- Game will have subscription fee (no price but betting in the $15 range) with a goal of "few hundred thousand players" as recognize that World of Warcraft success is unlikely.

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