Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Star Trek Toy Line Cancelled

Playmates Toys has announced that the future release of Star Trek toys for next year are "on hold" according to TrekMovie. Playmates created most of the Star Trek toys, movie related and otherwise, currently found on store shelves.

The exact cause for why the toy line has been cancelled was not revealed but it sounds like sales did not meet retail expectations as there remain plenty of toys from the initial April wave that came out with the movie's early summer release. I have seen many stores already mark down those toys and according to the report Target stores have already begun putting them up for clearance to open up shelf space.

Playmates said it remains committed to the toy line, indicating they will release toys to complete bridge and transporter playsets, but it appears its mainstream emergence has failed with Star Trek toys once again returning to the realm of the hard core collector. Overall, the film itself was a success so likely the toy line will return to store shelves once again in 2012 for the sequel, whether Playmates or another toy company does the producing and at what scale will be the question.

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  1. Good! After being spoiled with all the DST lines, the Playmates stuff looks like junk!