Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quinto The Voice of Star Trek Online

During Saturday's Video Game Awards on Spike TV, Star Trek's Spock Zachary Quinto announced he is "the voice" of Star Trek Online.
Here we are at [the] Spike Video Game Awards. The biggest night in gaming is now live all over the world, so I can’t really think of a better place for me to break the news that I am now the voice of Atari’s new ‘STAR TREK ONLINE’ game. And it’s awesome. Come February 2nd, fans can finally go toe-to-toe as Federation captains and Klingon warriors in their own starships.
Exactly what "the voice" for the games does is unclear. I assume he will be providing the occasional voiceover work for various aspects of the game such as cinematics and explanation sequences. I guess it’s possible he could even reprise the role of Spock in the game as the character would technically be alive (but very old even by Vulcan standards) in the game's timeframe. I assume more details will become known as STO approaches its February release date.

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