Thursday, January 21, 2010

Klingons, Cardassians, and Beta Update

The release date for Star Trek Online is ever close and Cryptic continues to release information. There are three new trailers, beta update (with more Spock), and details on the Cardassian faction.

Klingon Montage - Klingons fighting it out in space and on land between their houses and the Federation.
Cardassian Faction - First look at the Cardassians, some of their ships and maybe the interior of Deep Space Nine (not sure).
Vigilant Class Ship - A look at the Federation starship in action.

Beta Update:
A huge update was pushed out for the game that attempts to fix known bugs, removed the level cap, makes Cardassian and Romulan space accessible to the Federation, and adds scanning function and more.

Cardassians Profile
Details on this military race as they stand within the Star Trek Universe but no specifics on capabilities. The Cardassians remain weak after the near destruction of their planet at the end of the Dominion War (series finale of Deep Space Nine) and are still attempting to rebuild. While the civilian government prefers peace, The True Way prefers a return of the military order of conquest.

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