Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Star Trek Online Beta Video Preview, More

Star Trek Online is now in its second week of Open Beta as testing continues for its official February launch date. As part of that, Gamespot has put together a video that shows off some of the early gameplay elements including character creation and starship control. In addition, Cryptic has a state of the game summary for the first week of Beta while also providing a few more details on Klingon gameplay.

STO Beta Video Preview

State of the Game: 1/18
Update from Cryptic after first week of Open Beta. They report much either then expected participating in Open Beta with improvements on game stability. Alpha strikes (team concentrates attack on player) is leading to difficult space combat. Workaround is tighter formation and fix will be in next patch. PvP map and queue issues being worked on. Bridge Officers added as level up and now have ability to be renamed and tailored but sex and species customization currently off. UI improvements being prepped, star cluster mission bugs being fixed, scanning feature, and level cap will likely be removed with next patch.

Cryptic Talks Klingons
An interview with STO Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich as he discusses the Klingons and PvP elements in the upcoming game. The Klingons gameplay is mostly PvP but does have PvE. A player's time will be spent battling the Federation and rival Klingon Houses. Its seems most Klingon vs Federation confrontations will take place along the Neutral Zone. Klingon races include Gorn, Orion, Nausicaan and ability to create own race.

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