Monday, March 8, 2010

Leonard Nimoy on Big Bang Theory?

Big Bang Theory Executive Producer Bill Prady has indicated that he is interested in getting Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy to make a cameo on the show for next season, at least according to EW's Ausiello Files blog.
“We’ll probably make a general inquiry,” says Prady. “And if there’s enough interest, we’ll develop a story. The fans have said that’s the dream get, and we agree.”
Nimoy currently occasionally guests on Fringe but has indicated he hopes to discontinue the role and maybe officially retire. He also already turned down a similar invitation for season two. Big Bang now got a much bigger audience since then. However, Fringe benefited from Star Trek writers and director's creating and writing for the show, an advantage that Big Band cannot exploit. Maybe pure fanboy devotion will be enough for Nimoy to appear on the program. I doubt it though.

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