Thursday, June 10, 2010

Star Trek Online Update

Star Trek Online has issued another major update for the game and its website. This includes an update to its prequel story timeline, new patch, trailer and Q&A with the fans.The Path to 2409 has been completed filling in some of the history in the 22 year gap between the destruction of Romulus and Remus as part of the events in JJ Abrams' Star Trek and beginning of the STO storyline.

Additionally the game has had Season One: Update Two pushed out that adds accolades, squad support, store improvements, and other details. Below is the trailer that shows off the difficulty settings and death penalty that were added with Update One last month.

Last is a new addition of Ask Cryptic where members of the game team answer players questions. Questions include asking about upping the level cap, using the Galactic Barrier, adding more mini-games, adding missions on core Federation planets like Vulcan and Andoria, and more. (via TrekMovie)

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