Sunday, June 13, 2010

Video Interview with Leonard Nimoy

Friday Leonard Nimoy participated in the Hero Complex Weekend Film Festival that included a showing of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. While there the actor participated in a 45 minute Q&A (below from bdbdb) as he talked about Star Trek, Fringe, and more. Below is the 8 part video and a few highlights thanks to TrekMovie.
- "very grateful" that ever since Star Trek he has never had to worry about work
- George Lucas "did us a favor" as Star Wars "put Star Trek back into production"
- On Next Generation: "I was happy to see it go on, I didn’t watch a lot of it, I thought there was a lot of good work done, good talented people."
- Said he would only direct Star Trek Generations, if Paramount agreed to let him work on major rewrite, which they didn’t agree to so he didn’t do it (shame considering how the movie turned out)
- A reason agreed to return to Star Trek 2009 was that Nimoy didn’t feel he had "closure" for the Spock character and got "teared up" after hearing Orci, Kurtzman and Abrams talk about their approach
- Nimoy didn’t like the work in his first episodes in Fringe and was resistant to return this season, felt he was just there for exposition. Took JJ Abrams to call to get him to return to Fringe, and was now "glad" he did it, and happy that William Bell "went out in a blaze of glory saving everybody, like Spock did at the end of Star Trek II."

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