Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bruce Greenwood, Auction Results, and a Review

On the Star Trek sequel front, there really isn't much to talk about. The script is in the works but it is unlikely that a draft will be completed until the end of the year. In the meantime, here are three links that you might find interesting.

Bruce Greenwood on Sequel
In various interviews to promote Dinner for Schmucks, Bruce Greenwood talked about what he would like in the Star Trek sequel for Captain Pike. "I think with the latitude of the parallel universe I might be able to get out of the chair, and I’m hoping the mentorship between myself and Kirk (Chris Pine) continues." He also mentioned "I gather January 2011 is when they’re going to roll cameras." I wouldn't hold my breath on that. If a draft of the script is approved by the end of the year, I could see pre-production starting in January but cameras will probably not actually roll until the summer. Honestly, I think Bruce Greenwood has too high expectations for Pike. The story is likely to be very Enterprise centric, especially on the Trinity of McCoy-Kirk-Spock. Pike, at most, will have a cameo appearance to issue orders for the mission or deny permission for something that Kirk will do anyway.

Star Trek Live Review
TrekMovie.com has posted their review of the Star Trek themed, NASA sponsored, educational stage show that runs at the Kennedy Space Center until September. A longer version is also touring the country. Hit the link for a detailed description and review. To sum, it’s an all ages show that has a basic set, makeup that needs improvement and well informed actors with strong improvisational skills that handle the unpredictableness of audience participation while successfully remaining in character creating an entertaining and educational show.

The Heritage Auction Gallery Results
Last is news that another Star Trek auction was held last weekend and the results were excellent. The most successful sale was the Kirk's Star Trek II jacket which sold for $37,500. Much of the auction was for costumes across all eras of Star Trek production with most selling for several thousands of dollars a piece.

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