Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Star Trek Merchandise at San Diego

The San Diego Comic-Con kicks off starting tomorrow and if you are a collector, it’s an awesome time of the year as often the con has exclusive products that are not available anywhere else (at least without paying a premium for them). This year is no different as CBS announced it line-up of exclusives via press release. The products are for Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, CSI and more. One of these years I plan to go to SDCC if can get the money together to do so.

Star Trek has its usual presence with celebs, costumes, etc but I do not expect much information about the next movie to be revealed simply because there is probably no real information available yet since the scripting stage is still in its infancy. Speaking of, hit the link for the Star Trek version of "usual" with a Klingon Trolley Station for the Con.
Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Take Center Stage With Limited-Edition Products, Exclusive Sneak Peeks and Prize Packages

SAN DIEGO, CA - July 21, 2010 - CBS Consumer Products arrives at Comic-Con International 2010 with exclusive first-looks and limited-edition product based on its top television properties. Attendees to one of the biggest entertainment happenings of the year will be treated with a wide selection of products featuring some of CBS's signature brands including Star Trek, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Twilight Zone. CBS will be located in Booth 4129.

"Comic-Con is a great place to engage fans," said Liz Kalodner, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products. "Comic-Con attendees can preview some of the exciting new products and take home a variety of exclusive limited-edition and promotional items only available at the show."

A complete rundown of product introductions and promotional items from CBS Consumer Products follows.


CBS (Booth #4129): will celebrate its recent re-launch with free watches and buttons for fans. The exclusive Star Trek watches come in four colors - yellow, blue, red and black- with only 400 of each available. There will also be a series of seven buttons, including The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, The Animated Series and the Enterprise from last year's blockbuster film. Collectors will find The Animated Series Enterprise buttons at the CBS booth with the other buttons at the booths of Star Trek partners throughout the show. Be sure to watch the official Star Trek Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages for updates during Comic-Con for information on finding each pin.

Genki Wear (Booth #3744): The makers of the popular line of Star Trek fragrances are back with their latest and greatest product yet, Sulu Pour Homme Cologne for men. Sulu is the perfect cologne for the man who does everything, whether that's cataloging exotic plants, collecting antique firearms, or piloting ancient helicopters and advanced starships. Get there early as they'll only have 300 bottles on hand in exclusive Comic-Con packaging.

Hallmark (Booth #2913): The company recently launched its Christmas 2010 ornaments collection, which will include James T. Kirk, Kirk vs. Spock/"Amok Time" and a New U.S.S. Enterprise (circa the recent Star Trek movie), but the really big news is that they'll be showing prototype 2011 Star Trek ornaments.

IDW (Booth #2643): The graphic novel and comic book publisher will be showcasing many of its titles, including Star Trek. And here's the big news: Scott and David Tipton, veteran Star Trek comic writers, and Mike Johnson and Tim Jones, who co-penned Star Trek: Countdown and Star Trek: Nero, will be signing at the booth.

Lightspeed Fine Art (Booth #3745): Fans can see the latest Star Trek lithographs and meet Star Trek actors from The Next Generation and Voyager - LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner and Garrett Wang - on Thursday and Friday.

Propworx (Booth #3744): Props from the upcoming Star Trek auction at the Official Star Trek Convention in August will be showcased at the Genki Wear booth (#3744).

Quantum Mechanix (Booth #3251): QMx will be showcasing, among many things, its Replica Posters, Enterprise Studio Scale Artisan Replica, Starfleet Class Ring and the Enterprise Phaser Stunt Replica.

Rocket World (Booth #4633): This new Star Trek licensee will be introducing its limited-edition Starfleet I.W.G. novelty figures. Each is outfitted with its own accessories from The Original Series.

Rubie's (Booth #3649): Halloween is coming early thanks to Rubie's, which will display its latest movie costumes, masks and prop items from The Original Series, The Next Generation and Star Trek (2009). Be sure to check out the Spock romper, the Gorn mask, TNG command uniform and Nero mask.

Simon and Schuster (Booth #1017): Building excitement for the December release of the Starfleet Academy series for young adults, Simon and Schuster will be distributing promotional postcards for an advance reading copy of the first novel. Simon and Schuster, throughout the weekend, will also be giving away copies of the Star Trek (2009) movie tie-in novel by Allan Dean Foster. And on Sunday, July 25, the company will be hosting an author signing of Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins authors Keith R.A. DeCandido, Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.

Titan (Booth #5537): The popular Star Trek book and magazine publisher is distributing a limited-edition Star Trek bookmark, but move at light speed, as only 1,500 bookmarks will be available.


Titan (Booth #5537): Titan will be introducing assorted new products for CSI, including books and magazines and will distribute bookmarks on the show floor.


Bif Bang Pow! (Booth 2343): Fans will see brand new The Twilight Zone bobbleheads and action figures based on some of the most renowned episodes from the original series. Comic-Con 2010 will mark the debut of four new The Twilight Zone action figures including the Gremlin, Masked Man, Kanamit and Devil 8-inch action figures. There will also be seven The Twilight Zone bobble head and action figure exclusives.

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