Monday, May 2, 2011

Star Trek 2 Shooting in Late Fall?

In an interview with Collider to promote Priest Karl Urban (Bones) talked a little bit about Star Trek 2 and its progress.
Do you know when you start filming [Star Trek sequel]?
I am hearing it’s going to be maybe September or November this year.

Do you think JJ [Abrams] will be back?
I certainly hope so. He’s a phenomenal director and we had such a great time working with him on the first one so I really hope so.
I find it hard to believe that at least a draft of the script has not been turned in so that pre-production can start but with JJ Abrams focused on Super 8 and its promotion it is possible that the writers' deadline is sometime in July. Considering the film is set to be released on June 29th 2012, it is going to be a heck of a trick to get the film out on time if they start shooting as late as Urban is suggesting (and his estimation isn't wrong based on the current lack of a script.

A year seems like plenty of time and for say a romance movie it would be. However, for films with a lot of special effects that I assume Star Trek 2 will have (unless returning to days of no budget), then the post-production will need all the time it can get. The later the start date of principle photography the more likely the release date will get bumped. If pre-production doesn't begin by August, it seems the film might just get bumped to Christmas time. (via TrekMovie)

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