Friday, July 1, 2011

Orci Talks Star Trek Video Game

At E3 a new video game for Star Trek was announced that would take place in the JJ Abrams' Star Trek 2.0 universe. The shoot-em-up game lets you take control of Kirk or Spock in a storyline that is being developed by the Star Trek writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and others. In an interview by GamePro Magazine with Bob Orci, the game takes place in between the first and second movies and should be considered canon. Below are a few excerpts from TrekMovie.
Kat: So if Wrath of Khan is the perfect Trek story, does this mean that you’re going to kill Spock in the game?
Orci: In the game? Maybe. Both in the game and in the sequel that we’re doing – and by the way we consider them both very seriously together – we know that audiences are thinking of it as Star Trek II of the new universe, so we are aware that of preconceptions about who might die and what the sacrifices are. And we’re aware of those things as we generate the story for both the game and the movie.

Orci: So I would say that what’s going to be different about this game is that it’s going to fit into our new universe. It’s going to fit into the Star Trek that we were lucky enough to generate, and it’s going to be a story that happens within that universe and that story is not going to be fan fiction. It’s going to be a story that fits into our movies, and fits into between the first two movies. The things that we are thinking about for this game very much fall into what can happen between the two movies, and that’s exciting for me as a fan.

Kat: So when I watch the second movie. will I be rewarded in some way for having played the game?
Orci: Absolutely, that’s exactly the point. We would not allow a game to go out if it was not somehow a part of the continuity.

Orci: True fans will tell you that canon is only what’s filmed. I’m not an authority on what is canon. However, I will tell you that this may be the first game that falls within the parameters of the people who are in charge of canon for now; the “supreme court,” as we call ourselves because we are the ones in charge of Star Trek for now. We won’t be in charge forever, but for right now we’re deciding what canon is, so I can tell you this is the first time where the game itself is generated by the people who are deciding canon and we generated the game to fit within canon.

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