Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simon Pegg In LA for Star Trek Sequel

As a sign of just how close Star Trek 12 to starting principle photography, Simon Pegg (Scotty) has arrived in Los Angeles. Production on the film is rumored to start on January 15th, but assuming director J.J. Abrams maintains his usual love of secrets that is the most we will learn. The news comes via Simon Pegg's twitter account as he spoke about jet lag, saying "#Sherlock was awesome tonight. Can't believe I have to boldly go and miss the next two. My kingdom for a slingbox!"

I understand the heartbreak as the second season of Sherlock just started and the opening episode was outstanding (blows the movie version out of the water on 10th of the budget). The reason we know his purpose is because of an article from Chicago Sun-Times for Mission Impossible 4 where he said, "I’m preparing to fly out to L.A. in the new year and start working on “Star Trek.” I can’t wait to get back to it. I do love Scotty and it’s so much fun playing him. I love the way he was portrayed in the last film. Scotty is slightly annoyed. He has been abandoned on this planet. Now, he’s abroad the Enterprise looking after this big sexy ship." (via TrekMovie)

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