Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sherlock and Doctor Who Companion Join Star Trek Sequel

I am seriously starting to think that JJ Abrams and company are as huge geeks as I am as they have tapped two BBC stars to join the cast of Star Trek 12. TrekMovie is reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch has been tapped to play a villain while Variety reports that Noel Clarke will play a "family man with a wife and young daughter."

Sci-fi and TV geeks will know Benedict Cumberbatch from his brilliant star making turn as Sherlock Holmes in BBC's Sherlock (now airing its second season, must see TV) and also cast as Smaug The Dragon in The Hobbit films. Noel Clarke played Mickey Smith in Doctor Who when it returned to the airwaves as the boyfriend of companion Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), occasionally joining them on their adventures kicking off the trio dynamic that has become the norm for the series.

AICN is guessing Cumberbatch has been cast as Harry Mudd. I dearly hope that theory is wrong as it would waste the actor and the character barely holds up in the series much less as a main villain in a big budget film. Could he be Bencio Del Toro's replacement as rumored role of Khan considering they both have the same physical attributes of height and shape?

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  1. That Sherlock show that Benedict Cumberbatch is in has gay undertones between him and Watson.

    JJ Abrams said a few months back that Star Trek never mentioned gay people, and that he'd like to work it into the sequel. Elementary my dear!