Friday, May 18, 2012

Leonard Nimoy on Star Trek and Sequel Rumor Origin

Leonard Nimoy, Spock "Prime", spoke with with about Trek and the possible origin of the rumors that he has a role in the sequel. Highlights below, click here and here for the entire interview. In short, he thinks the rumors were started because of a set visit and dinner.
One major side effect of J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek film was that it brought a lot of young people into the fold and many of them went on to seek out The Original Series. What did that mean to you?
Nimoy: I am getting email and fan mail now from young people who, as you say, are watching The Original Series for the first time. J.J.’s film has opened up the territory and made people conscious of it all over again. I guess we’re into a third generation by now of viewers. It’s extraordinary. I don’t see Star Trek fading. That it just keeps reviving itself is wonderful.

Speaking of J.J. Abrams, how did you enjoy your visit to the set of the sequel?
Nimoy: I visited the set one day and that started some speculation about whether I was doing the film. It’s all speculation. I talk to these people regularly. Zachary Quinto and I have dinner whenever we can. We just had dinner three or four weeks ago. I talk to J.J. about family. His parents and I go back a number of years as friends. I knew them long before I ever met J.J. So we talk regularly. I visited the set one day because I had never seen the bridge. When I was in the last film, none of my work was on the bridge of the Enterprise. So I wanted to see the bridge, and the bridge was extraordinary. It’s beautifully designed and put together. We talk. It’s great. I expect that it’s going to be a gigantic film. Look, I think he’s put together a wonderful cast of people. His writers are imaginative and energetic. I think we’re going to see another great Star Trek movie.

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