Monday, May 21, 2012

Star Trek Sequel in Iceland

TrekMovie has confirmed that while principle photography has wrapped for the actors in the Star Trek sequel, filming still continues for the crew. The 2nd unit, head by ILM's visual effects supervisor Roger Guyett, will be heading to Iceland to capture footage needed for visual effects shots. Considering Ridley Scott's Prometheus filmed the movie's alien planet there, it is pretty safe guess that ILM and JJ Abrams are using the country for the same purpose. Between the variety of terrain in the country and the magic of CGI effects, the potential alien planet could be anything from a harsh ice environment (see Game of Thrones), a hellish fire planet or even a paradise just left of an imagined Garden of Eden. TrekMovie said this is only the second time a Trek production has left the 48 states to film. The first time was a trip to Alaska for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country to film the harsh environment outside of the Klingon planet Rura Penthe. The unnamed sequel's release date is May 17, 2013 so only 51 weeks to go.

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