Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weller: "I’ve got my own ship"

Another, mostly useless, hint for the Star Trek sequel that just finished wrapping as JJ Abrams moratorium on revealing spoilers remains in full effect. Trek Movie spoke with Peter Weller about his role in Star Trek when the actor was walking the red carpet for RoboCop 25th Anniversary Event at the Dallas International Film Festival. First he said, "I can’t tell you. I’m sworn to secrecy. It’s something very cool" Then they asked if he was wearing prosthetics he answered "No. do I look like an alien to you? No man. Let me put it this way. I have my own ship"

So there you go. Peter Weller plays a Captain. Probably a Starfleet Captain but even that isn't guaranteed. This does contradict Weller's agent saying he would play a C.E.O. but that can be dismissed as the agent simply not being a Trekkie and not knowing the terminology. Or he just got it confused with Weller's previous role in Star Trek: Enterprise as the owner of a mining station. Not much to work with but since a JJ Abrams production, you kind of have to live with the breadcrumbs that do come up.

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