Friday, May 11, 2012

Alice Eve on Trek Set Pic

A new picture has surfaced on the Zachary Quinto Community site that shows Alice Eve, unknown person and Quinto posing while on a Star Trek set. When and where the photo was taken is unknown. The main point of interest is the outfit suggests a little bit more info on the character she is playing. The main point of interest is the costumes seem to match the same dark gray and black uniforms that John Cho (Sulu) and Zoe Saldana (Uhura) wore for the film. The new darker scheme also matches outfits that Quinto and Chris Pine (Kirk) have worn. So this indicates a member of Starfleet (no likely not Dr. Carol Marcus). The outfit also suggests not a member of the medical corps (so bye Christine Chapel). Since she is wearing the costume but no alien makeup unlike Quinto, she is probably a human character. This fits my theory of Yeoman Janice Rand but there are still a host of contenders including Lt. Maria Givers who fell in love with Khan and helped in escape in The Original Series episode. As usual time will tell.


  1. is the 2nd movie going to be general cast oriented? i'm thinking a "Bone's" -centric(the doc) story would be original, movie-wise. ST ToS had a couple episodes centered on McCoy which i thought had depth^^.

  2. Is it possible she's playing Dr. Elizabeth Dehnner? And Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell? I seem to recall an interview with one of the producers or writers. I'm thinking either Bryan Burk or Damon Lindeloff. But if you search on the net you'll find it. Basically during the interview he mentions several villains from the classic series (inncluding Mitchell) and says it's one of those. Weller's saying he has his own ship. Could he be the captain of the ill fated Valiant?