Friday, November 30, 2012

TNG's The Measure of a Man Deleted Scene

This Tuesday (Dec. 4) Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two on Blu-ray will be released. One of the features of the disc set will be an extended cut of the critically acclaimed episode "The Measure of A Man" that has Data fighting to be treated as a sentient being by Starfleet rather then a piece of property. The extended edition is was to be re-created from the only known copy in existence..the VHS copy owned by episode writer Melinda M Snodgrass. This isn't to say the final episode will not be in HD, it just means that they were able to use the VHS copy to know what original film components they needed to find to re-create that initial, to long for television, cut of the episode. Click here for one of those deleted scenes and here for a brief video as Snodgrass talks about writing the episode.

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