Monday, December 10, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer and 9 Minutes First Impresions

This weekend Paramount press only screenings of the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer and first nine minutes of the movie that is premiering on December 14th with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The teaser will be for most of the non-IMAX showings of the film and be posted online on the 17th. The 9-minute prologue is specifically for IMAX 3D showings of The Hobbit and currently no plans to post it online.

The teaser trailer is an extended version of the teaser of the teaser that premiered last week. A few details were revealed so spoiler warning. The trailer opens with Christopher Pike voice over telling Kirk that while he has courage, his lack of humility could get the crew killed. The scene from the Japanese trailer that suggests a Wrath of Khan moment sturns out to be between Spock and Benedict Cumberbatch's character giving rise to the suggestion that he might by Sybock, Spock's brother but with changes to appear human. There is space combat, someone does an EVA outside a ship that isn't the Enterprise, and Chekov gets an appearance in a red instead of gold tunic.

As far as the nine minutes, sadly TrekMovie, Superherohype, Collider and AICN provided no spoilers per the wishes of director JJ Abrams. At the screening Abrams said "People say "’Into Darkness’ – lot of darkness, very doom and gloom" and there is a lot of intensity in this film, but it is also fun too, which you will see in this beginning."

The movie opens in 2259 (so 6 or so years before Kirk gets the Captain's chair) with a family (Noel Clarke and Nanzeen Contractor) waking up and visiting their unconscious daughter at the hospital with no dialogue but great Michael Giacchino score. The father is later met by Benedict Cumberbatch's character (who remains unidentified) who offers a to help. The scene then cuts to the Enterprise orbiting the red-colored planet from the trailer as Kirk and McCoy are running from the locals. Meanwhile Spock, Uhura and Sulu are attempting to stop a volcano from erupting. Up on the Enterprise Scotty is worried about whatever is going on with the planet damaging the ship and gold shirted Chekov offering suggestions. It ends with Spock seemingly about to die in the volcano telling Kirk, " "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" which is one of Star Trek's most famous phrasing and comes from Wrath of Khan.

As a fan of Star Trek and The Hobbit, its been a tough choice on deciding if want to watch The Hobbit in HFR 3D for the nine-minutes of Trek. Most midnight showings of the movie are sold out and even if they were not, the reviews of the high frame rate showing of The Hobbit has been mostly universally panned. When it works, it works really well but when it doesn't work for scenes, it really fails badly. Based on that and the price of IMAX tickets I can't help but recommend watching The Hobbit in the traditional 24fps method and only watch the HFR if watching a second time. However, being a die hard Trek fan I am pulled to risk the bad experience. Just something to think when making your weekend movie plans.

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