Friday, March 22, 2013

More on Star Trek The Video Game with Screenshots

Next month on April 23, Star Trek The Video Game will be released for Playstation 3 and XBox 360. The game is a sorta of prequel to Star Trek Into Darkness as it depicts the events during a mission where the Enterprise and its crew encounter the Gorn but it does not tie directly into the movie. The Gorn are lizard like sentient beings that were first introduced in The Original Series episode Arena. At the time (due to custume and budget), they were depicted as strong but slow moving creatures. For the game, with its mostly first person (as Spock, Kirk or in command of the Enterprise), that is no longer the case as they come in many different and deadly forms.

The story start has two new characters, Vulcans T'Mar and her father Surok, wanting to use a new device to quickly terraform a new planet for Vulcans. Their attempt to use the device opens a rift in space allowing the Gorn to invade and try to capture the tech. Hero Complex spoke with Paramount SVP Brian Miller as he discussed the goals of the game. One was reuniting the cast who all voice their digital counterparts. He also discussed one of the game goals, "We wanted to take the viewer — and I use the term ‘viewer’ deliberately — on this journey. We wanted you to play a Kirk and Spock quest. We had to give the viewer some things they didn’t expect rather than them just doing the same things you saw them do in the movies."

The full article with 26 new screenshots from the upcoming game is here.

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