Friday, April 26, 2013

Lindelof, Pine, Quinto Talk STID; Moscow Premiere

In new articles from the LA Times and i09, Star Trek Into Darkness leads Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) comment on their characters while writer Damon Lindelof spoke about some of the challenges they had in writing the script. Below are the highlights. The has video of interviews with Quinto and Lindelof while Hero Complex has few more still images from the movie. In addition the Russian premiere of the movie was held Thursday in Moscow with JJ Abrams, Pine, Quinto and Alice Eve in attendance. Click here to check out a gallery of photos from the red carpet.

- Lindelof: No time travel talk in this one. While "we do feel beholden to four-plus decades of Trek that preceded our stewardship on that", the first movie setup the new world, the second allows them to "take risks and go in new directions."
- Lindelof: The over year delay in getting movie together due to lack of script was in part because Abrams was directly Super 8 and Lindelof was finishing Lost and Prometheus so has to wait until a "golden period when all of us were together, just like we were in the first movie. We felt like that's the way it has to work, we couldn't work piecemeal. We all have to get into a room together and figure out what Trek 2 is going to be."
- Quinto: Uhura and Spock still "trying to understand each other, deepen their connection and grow their relationship.
- Quinto: "I think in this film, Kirk really needs to learn what it means to be a leader, not just sitting in the Captain's chair. And Spock needs to learn what it means to be a friend and be accountable to people he cares about."
- Pine (interview before Boston Bombing): "This film is about earthbound terror. It’s about terrorism, about issues we as human beings in 2013 deal with every day, about the exploitation of fear to take advantage of a population, about physical violence and destruction but also psychological manipulation. John Harrison is a terrorist in the mold of those we’ve become accustomed to in this day and age."

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