Thursday, April 18, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness is Locked

According to TrekMovie, as of Wednesday, April 17th, Star Trek Into Darkness is a completely finished film and ready for its world premiere on April 23rd in Australia. The final components to put into place were the sound effects and sound mix after ILM had completed their special effects about two weeks ago and compose Michael Giacchino recorded his 100+ minutes of music for the film. The final film took over 4 years to reach a finish, mostly due to a "lost" two years due to other projects by Abrams and the writers. Principle photography had started on January 12th, 2012, wrapped on May 8, 2012 and from then on it was all about a final tally of 11 months of post-production. Congrats to the cast and crew on finishing the arduous task of getting a new Star Trek film to theaters.

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