Thursday, April 18, 2013

Into Darkness Cast Discuss Movie at CinemaCon

While at CinemaCon being held in Las Vegas, various cast members of Star Trek Into Darkness and writer Damon Lindelof discussed the film before and after an 18 minute preview of the film. Highlights from the videos are below which can be found here here. In a separate video, John Cho (Sulu) discussed the film with Collider. You can find that video here.

- Zachary Quinto: "It is an erroneous notion that [Spock] doesn’t have an emotional life. "Spock’s journey in this film is learning how to honor that emotional life."
- Chris Pine on Kirk: "He is a man who has to learn to censor himself at times and our bad guy–John Harrison–basically levels this mirror in front of Kirk in which he sees all of his vulnerabilities and his fallibility and everything that is wrong with the way he leads his men and women into battle–and he brings him to his knees."
- Alice Eve: "Wanted [Carol Marcus] to be true ...built her from the ground up."
- John Cho: "I didn't do an imitation of George [Takei] because I was really unable to. His vocal register is unique in the human spectrum. ...Seemed a little dangerous to do an imitation of him."
- Quinto: "Benedict's character is ..more calculating, insidious. He infiltrates. He infiltrates our crew and tries to break us up a little bit."
- Pine: "This one is about him earning the chair. What it means to be a true captain, leader of men. For Kirk that has a lot to due with humility and realizing and understanding his faults as much as his strengths."
- Cho: "I have not had to talk about the film for so long ...I have wiped the hard drive off. I have forgotten everything on purpose."
- Cho: Filming on the Enterprise bridge was "like acting in a black box" at times because would film sequences out of order so would act beginning, middle and end scenes of the movie in the first few week of filming.

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