Monday, May 20, 2013

Everything Wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness FAQ Style

Recently I posted an amusing video title "Everything Wrong with Star Trek in 5 Minutes or Less" that kind of nitpicks at the film (and others in the Everything Wrong series. has posted their unintentional take, only they did it FAQ style that is just as entertaining to read. However, as the post title states, if chock full of spoilers. It pretty much goes through every single plot point of the film revealing all the details. It also pretty much explains my review of the movie where I believe the film is very entertaining action film but a bad Star Trek story. Now some may call it nitpicking but I don't see anything wrong with wanting an action film to have a great, coherent story. Click here for the spoiler filled FAQ.


  1. Hey, sorry for the offtopic. But you seem to ignore my comment in The Dark Tower blog :)

  2. Thanks for the link. Sorry missed your Dark Tower comment, didn't realize I had not enabled it to email me when people post a comment.

    I will have the story up shortly on that blog.