Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saldana, Pegg Interviews, Movie Stills and Featurette

Star Trek Into Darkness is now less then a day away from release in the US. The marketing campaign continues. Collider has posted their Zoe Saldana interview from the London premiere here. She spoke about the set jokers, that learning Klingon was harder then Na'vi (from Avatar), and few other things.

Simon Pegg was interview by i09.com and as seem to be the case with him, the interviews seem more details (and somewhat spoilerish) and open then with the other actors. Its like his inner geek causes the interviews to geek out more instead of the often generic nothing questions the others get. In his interview he goes from talking about his "futuristic leisure suit", to talking about some of the Trek nods in the film, the motivation of Scotty pushing Kirk, how movie explores Kirk's too quick promotion, the utopian future of Trek, and Scotty's friend Keenser. That interview can be found here.

Besides the interviews, Paramount has released 25 high resolution stills from the movie with a few done while filming. Most are stills released for magazine interviews and the like but there are a few new ones. The gallery is here. Last is the below featurette that has the cast commenting on the movie.

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