Monday, May 20, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Wins Weekend Box Office

Star Trek Into Darkness won the weekend with a $70.6 million weekend and $84.1 million for first five days in the United States. Its international gross is $80.5M for a total of $164.6M worldwide. The numbers are fantastic for a Star Trek film and average for a summer tent pole movie but oddly enough it is less then what the first movie took in for its first five days of release in the US at $86.7M. Usually summer sequels blow their previous numbers out of the water. As a result the media and Paramount are considering this opening "disappointing". The numbers holding steady really isn't a surprise considering the four year break between movies and May's tentpole heavy schedule. Iron Man 3 probably didn't help as it continues to do very well worldwide, having already passed the $1 billion mark. The smaller then expected opening for STID only means that Paramount will probably do whatever they can to avoid another four year break between movies so pretty much any chance of Abrams directing the next one is likely dead. The overall goal is to outpace the worldwide total of the first film which was $385.7M. I suspect anything close to $500 million will be considered a successful movie and marketing campaign by Paramount so it will be a few months before can pass final judgement.

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