Friday, June 27, 2014

Star Trek 3 Planning To Boldy Go Exploring

In Nerdist podcast "Humans From Earth", Star Trek 3 director and writer Bob Orci has indicated the third film will pick up from the five year mission setup from Star Trek Into Darkness. He said with the third movie the movie characters are "close than they are to the original series characters than you have ever seen. They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space."

Part of that deep space exploration sounds like it might include a new alien race as his team is looking into creature design that might be a mix of practical effects and CGI. He did absolutely confirm this and essentially stating that they are considering new and classic Trek aliens. On the bright side he doesn't seem to have JJ Abrams obsession with secrecy saying "it is going to be more of a mix" with a goal of trying to contain the surprises while providing people with enough info "to let people know what they are going to get and what they can expect and what the experience is going to feel like" which might include behind the scenes stuff as it is possible to show how the movie is made "without knowing what the context of the scene is or what the story is." Abrams going so far as to refuse provide character names and actors in the film just takes it from understandably protective to silly so anything away from that is an improvement.

Transformers is a classic example of this as Michael Bay often has sets that the public can view, take videos and pictures but because you can't hear the lines or see what CGI is being inserted, you rarely can tell what the scene is about except it involves X actors doing Y things for who knows what purpose in the movie. The context is everything and without that its really not spoilers, its just cool images of a movie being made.

Any case if a fan, you might want to check out the full hour long podcast interview with Roberto Orci here.

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