Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quinto as Spock Pics

The Star Trek set leaks keep coming. Below are the first look of Zachary Quinto in full Spock mode with the ears and the outfit from JFX Online. I have my doubts about some of the casting choices made for Star Trek XI but this isn't one of them.

IESB.net also scored some video of the set that shows a scene being filmed involving Spock appearing before the Vulcan Council (the chapel pic below) for unknown reasons. The casting call that had gone out last week was in part to find council members to fill out the scene.

The full gallery can be found here and mostly include a discussion between Quinto, Abrams and others.

The set video can be found here.

Now if only sites would learn how to do watermarks right. The idea of a watermark is basically free advertisement of a site's pics when they show up else (since sites often claim news as their own discovery) but I really wish they wouldn't place it in such a way as it obscures the useful information in the image.

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