Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Abrams, Shatner "Feud" Again

Another response from JJ Abrams where he once again explains why William Shatner is not in the next Star Trek film. Much like he sounds in the video below from MTV, I am also getting a little tired of it coming up again and again. James T. Kirk died in Star Trek: Generations.

Sure seeing Shatner done the uniform again would be cool but bringing Kirk back would be strange and senseless considering the new movie is using current continuity as a starting point. Sure, science fiction means that no one really dies if you’re creative enough but the film isn't the Return of Kirk so why go through hoops and waste story time explaining away Kirk's death when it’s not necessary. Rather then "revive" Kirk for a moment or two of shock and awe I much prefer the plan to get more into Spock's background.

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