Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BK Commercials, Continuity Changes, Blu-Ray and Lens Flares

A few links of interest and amusement.

First up, today is the release date for the new Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD sets. On the Blu-Ray front now out is The Star Trek Collection is all 10 movies and another is the Star Trek Trilogy of Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and the Voyage Home films. For DVD's there is the Trilogy set, Best of The Original Series and Best of the Next Generation. The Best of sets are four episodes on one disc. The TOS set is The City on the Edge of Forever, Balance of Terror, Amok Time, and The Trouble with Tribbles. The TNG set is The Best of Both Worlds (both parts), Yesterday's Enterprise, and The Measure of a Man.

For those that have seen the movie you will notice that Abrams has displayed a love for lens flares. Partmor decided to take that love to segments of Space Seed, the episode that introduced Khan, and enhance the various light sources to rather dramatic effect.

One of the changes the new movie has wrought is the creation of a Star Trek 2.0 universe that is similar but different form the one of the last 43 years. The folks over at Culture Zoo did an analysis on what effect these changes could have on Trek history. It’s rather Trek specific but an interesting read. An example is in the Prime universe, a star goes nova, destroys Romulus and sets Nero on his destructive path because Vulcan refused to provide the technology to stop it. Now that Nero is destroyed, doesn't that mean the technology will never exist and he has now doomed Romulus in this new future?

Burger King is releasing more Star Trek commercials. The below one takes place on the Enterprise set as kids play with their toys.

Additional Star Trek related commercials can be found here.

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  1. Commenting on the possible changes to the 2.0 universe due to Nero's death, the answer would be no. The Nero we saw was from the Prime universe. He has yet to be born in the 2.0 universe. As based on Abrams' LOST, the events to follow will still occur even though the specifics of the events may change. If Romulus is to blow up, it will blow up. It won't be of Vulcan's mistiming in it's intervention since Vulcan no longer exists, but it could be because of another faction's "non-intervention." The natural course of history is set to occur no matter its circumstances.