Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Star Trek Interviews of the Day (with Video)

Star Trek cast and director JJ Abrams are making the rounds this week promoting Star Trek that is premiering this Thursday at 7:00pm nationwide. Below are a series of link, summaries, and videos to various interviews. There is one from Nimoy that I am going to cover in a separate post.

IGN interviews Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto - They talk about the characters and working on the film and Quinto talks about working with Nimoy. Thanks to Brian for the link.

Orci and Kurtzman Talk Writing Trek with Time - An intentionally amusing interview where two freelancers try to "duplicate" the duos ability to work together to write a new Trek script that pretty much steals from everything. Not able to embed it so click the link to view.

Orci and Kurtzman Interview with First Showing - I was just thinking "I want that Tron Arcade machine" for a lot of the interview which is nearly 30 minutes long and covers a wide range of Trek writing topics and why some ideas where used for the movie.

Alex Kurtzman & Bob Orci Interview - Star Trek from FirstShowing.net on Vimeo.

JJ Abrams on Colbert Report - The Star Trek director showed up on last night's show. Colbert lets the Trekkie flag fly a bit Abrams approach to the movie, directing some of the characters such as Spock and solving puzzles. Oh and Colbert in Nero makeup.
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Pine, Quinto Interview Each Other - This video didn't work for me but posting it just in case it gets fixed.

Simon Pegg Interview from Collider.com - Entertaining two-part video interview with Simon Pegg (Scotty) he discusses the press junket, playing Scotty, the Hollywood premiere, among other things.

Abrams on Opie's Eye - Video of Abrams on the radio program discussing how newbie friendly it is.

Cast on MTV - Brief interview with MTV where Pine, Quinto and Saldana comment briefly working on the movie.

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