Monday, January 18, 2010

Star Trek Movie Tie-In Books On Hold

According to, the four tie-in books written for the new universe created in the recent Star Trek movie are being put on hold in light of the announcement that a sequel is planned for 2012 release.

From a Simon & Schuster's Pocket Books spokesperson:
With last summer’s blockbuster STAR TREK movie, JJ Abrams created a new vibrant, layered version of the Star Trek universe. After careful consideration, we decided to hold off on telling new stories while JJ and his team continue to develop his vision.
The books were going to be Star Trek: Refugees, by Alan Dean Foster (May release), Star Trek: Seek A Newer World, by Christopher L. Bennett (June), Star Trek: More Beautiful than Death, by David Mack (July), and Star Trek: The Hazard of Concealing, by Greg Cox (August) all of which were nearly complete.

IDW has published comics set in the new Star Trek universe but bear in mind they are either prequels (Countdown) or took place during the movie (Nero). The books were intended to be set after the movie took place so I guess the publisher has reservations about making the novels invalid or confusing fans of the new universe with conflicting "facts" of continuity. It makes me wonder if maybe Paramount is planning a more unified Star Trek continuity much like George Lucas has with Star Wars where the movies, novels, comics, and video games all exist in the same universe and don't contradict each other continuity wise.

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