Thursday, December 6, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser of the Teaser Trailer

Here it is, the first official look at Star Trek Into Darkness that will be released on May 17, 2013. This is essentially a teaser trailer (but with unique scenes) of the upcoming teaser trailer that is being released in theaters on December 14th with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (along with the 9 minute preview for IMAX 3D showings). ComingSoon reports next week's trailer will come in at 1:50 compared to 1:03 for the "Announcement Trailer" below. You can also find it at Apple Trailers. After that is the Japanese version of the trailer that has a few seconds of additional scenes with different music cue at the end (:56 point) and a moment that seems designed to intentionally echo Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The actual teaser trailer will appear online on December 17th, hopefully around midnight PST like this one did.

TrekMovie has a 39 shot analysis of the mini-teasers. The main bits learned is Cumberbatch unnamed villain has above average human strength (so Khan Eugenics or alien in disguise), Klingons are part of the story, Alice Eve's unknown character is part of the science or medical divisions, someone dies (missing man formation for jets), locations include San Francisco and may three or less alien planets (one with red fauna, volcano, and part of a Klingon confrontation). Considering this teaser showed even more then expected, should be interested to see what next weekend brings. Uhura upset and hands at the end of the Japanese sequence does suggest bad things for Spock but I suspect a misdirection considering this would be a big secret to tease from the very secretive Abrams.


  1. So who is the main villian?

  2. This looks very much like a Khan movie even with the "The need of the many out way the need of the few" scene added in (where they place hands together over the glass).

    Trailer looks good though, but if it is a Khan movie I will be a bit disappointed (a very little bit) since they could have done anything with this new timeline and totally skipped over Khan.

  3. I hope it's not khan. This would be the 2nd movie series to feature Khan a 2nd time...3rd appearance...if you count the original TOS .

  4. I watched the trailer and freezed fram and it could be Khan, his eyes where not like mitchells. The scene where they touch glass is like the TWOK but Kirk may be the one that dies. Spock is clearly on the outside. And a shot of scotty and uhura and she turns away could be a death nail in kirks coffin. So a sequel like in search of kirk will be in order? Another time travel and reverse what damage has been unleashed on this time frame.

  5. I remember in space seed Khan put kirk in the hyperbolic chamber and threatens to kill him. Could this be a rehashing of space seed but after kirk maroons khan and his people- this time khan escapeds before ceti alpha 5 explodes?

  6. In the trailer Cumberbatch says "Is there nothing you won't do for your family"
    In the original time flow. Kahn causes the deaths of Spock, David Marcus (By Kruges hand but khan is responsible) loss of the enterprise and countless others.
    What if JTK gets info from spock prime and changes the cards and lets him self be killed and khan with him to prevent that future from happening.
    Then a Search for kirk film for movie 3? What do you think?